Loads of Green with a dash of red


With the summer taking its full toll, I thought of giving a glimpse into the vast greenery that awaits us during the coming monsoons.


Blanketed in a thick layer of fog, the mountains take on a surreal look..



Not sure what plant this is, but to me, it looks like a really healthy heart 🙂


And you wouldn’t bet against this being one of the Hulk’s enormous muscles, with the sinister looking veins!


I hope you enjoyed this sea of green, and you’re right, you don’t have to comment or like, but do it anyway; I love hearing from you!



14 thoughts on “Loads of Green with a dash of red

  1. Gossh all of them are truly truly truly marvellous! Cannot choose a favorite, but if you press hard, then the purple pink(not sure what color that is) is my favorite. And the comparison of Hulk to the leaf veins was apt! Amazing!

  2. wow Ajay the photos are really awesome. good to see a glimpse of nature amidst all the hustle and bustle of the city today…. simply amazing. a treat for the eyes. 🙂

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