Chinese Food @ Kimling

Here’s a few shots from a recent get together we had with friends. We visited the Chinese restaurant Kimling.

To start off, a nice soothing Lichi drink. The cherry on top looked too tempting.

The ‘Lady in Red’ wasn’t too bad either..

Glazed chillies was all that was left of the chilly fish 🙂

The veggies at home never look so inviting.

By the time we got to the main dishes, we’d already had our stomachs stuffed, nevertheless, who could leave behind such sumptuous dishes..

Chicken Manchurian Balls with spicy gravy

And all you’re left with are empty dishes 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Chinese Food @ Kimling

  1. i have also been to kimling 🙂 but the food looks more tempting in the photos than in reality… great photos 🙂

  2. APR – brilliant pictures of food. When did you guys go to Kimling 😦
    Tag me too next time
    And dude how much PS effects did you do cause the food looks ravishing

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