A Dose of Cute!

Cute Kitten

Cute Puppy

Cute Kitty

Cute Pups


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Shot on the Go 1

Nature Galore Part 1

Poor guy needed a bit of help during take-off..


The wind was howling like crazy, taking out its fury on the plant life.





Absolutely huge frogs, this one was almost the size of a football!


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Chinese Food @ Kimling

Here’s a few shots from a recent get together we had with friends. We visited the Chinese restaurant Kimling.

To start off, a nice soothing Lichi drink. The cherry on top looked too tempting.

The ‘Lady in Red’ wasn’t too bad either..

Glazed chillies was all that was left of the chilly fish 🙂

The veggies at home never look so inviting.

By the time we got to the main dishes, we’d already had our stomachs stuffed, nevertheless, who could leave behind such sumptuous dishes..

Chicken Manchurian Balls with spicy gravy

And all you’re left with are empty dishes 🙂

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Loads of Green with a dash of red


With the summer taking its full toll, I thought of giving a glimpse into the vast greenery that awaits us during the coming monsoons.


Blanketed in a thick layer of fog, the mountains take on a surreal look..



Not sure what plant this is, but to me, it looks like a really healthy heart 🙂


And you wouldn’t bet against this being one of the Hulk’s enormous muscles, with the sinister looking veins!


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Shades of the Sun

Eat Time

I’ve always been fascinated by food. Most interesting are the colours and textures that it allows you to capture. Here’s a few clicks shot recently.

Monochrome Tomato

Lemony Fresh

Couldn’t help but notice how the petals on this capsicum looked similar to a closed fist.

I loved how this garlic created a fresh contrasty look when put up with a tomato background

Paint it Red

Hope you enjoyed the clicks. Comments and suggestions welcome.

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